United We Stand


When the fight ended, some of the involved Solars were already shining with the sun’s light which left the villagers with a mixture of awe and fear.

To avoid unnecessary violence, the two Eclipse among them, Haruhi and Quillon, explained the situation in their favour. The captain of the guard wasn’t happy with what just happened so he took Shadow to the side to have him explain the situation. That way the truth about their Exalted nature is revealed.

While Quillon is unhappy with not getting any praise due to keeping his anima in check, Haruhi brings up the topic of why the Wyld Hunt came to this village. A topic on which Quillon remains silent.

The Exalts introduce themselves to one another. As Haruhi pointed out earlier, the Wyld Hunt will return so Caldean proposes to move the village. A plan that Quillon thinks improbable while Caldean notes there’s no other alternative. Quillon criticises the use of the Solars powers to the extent they revealed themselves as Exalts. Ignoring their squabble, Haruhi proposes setting up a trap for the Dragon-Blooded. Quillon says they might as well attack them outright.

Haerold says not to point fingers at one another, they begin to prepare an attack. A villager comes out of the crowd to speak his mind, Quillon assures him he means no harm. Shadow accuses him of being the cause of bringing the Wyld Hunt here thus having no right to speak of meaning well to his people, since unlike Shadow’s Grace, he wasn’t born here. Caldean gives a short speech on Quillon’s attitude, calling him a snake and a blight.

Haruhi shouts out to both of them to be quiet, saying that in her mind both of them are acting like blights. At the same time she states they need to go with the farmers wishes of staying in the village although she will lead them away if need be.

Quillon decides to face the Dragon-Blood who attacked them, he says the rest should go with Shadow to a safe place in case he doesn’t return. Haerold offers him his help in tracking the woman down. They make a plan of Quillon dueling the Dragon-Blood after which they would run away.

The rest decide to stay. Since there is no inn, a villager Moon Lotus allows them to stay in her house. Before the two Solars left, she bound Haerold’s wounds in bandages, a thing he kept asking for. Finally, Quillon gives his name, Haruhi now is sure of his identity as an actor.

After Haerold’s wounds were taken care of, the Solars split in two groups. Quillon and Haerold went to track down the Wyld Hunt while Shadow, Caldean and Haruhi go with Moon Lotus to meet the Forest which apparently was her friend.



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