United We Stand

Uninvited Guests

20th Resplendent Air RY-768

It’s the end of harvest, for that occasion a festival takes place in the town of Faywyn. It’s where a street performer called Haruhi begins to entertain a crowd of children, soon after she start a heavily clad woman joins the crowd of small spectators.

It’s not long until she sees a man following a young girl as if preying on the child. No one else notices these for the simple fact of a Northerner getting all the attention. Apparently, the people in the One Hundred Kingdoms rarely see such strangers in their midsts. The woman is momentarily distracted and doesn’t notice the man changing his route to appear somewhere in front of the girl. She does notice as he steps back into the shadows. At the same time, Haruhi and the woman see the girl reach into a man’s pocket and take out his wallet. The woman approaches the girl and falls on her by “accident” as Haruhi shouts for people to check their pockets.

A commotion ensues that interrupts Caldean’s tea drinking. The woman stands up, holding the girl tight with one hand while the man following her steps out of the shadows. Haruhi comes over to the girl and accuses her of theft but wants to hear what she has to say in her defence. Both Haerold and Caldean feel interested enough to join the crowd gathered around the girl. Suddenly, she takes out a knife and tries to stab the woman holding her but drops the knife and twists her other arm. Haruhi picks up the knife while the woman changes the way she’s holding the girl to a less painful one. The man introduces himself as a town’s guard and warns everyone about exacting revenge on the girl.The latest victim asks for his money back, the guard agrees and orders the girl to do so. Haruhi hands the girl’s knife over to the guard, whose name was revealed to be Shadow’s Grace.

Caldean steps up to give a speech about poverty, blaming the Guild for people having to resort to crime to survive. Shadow argues to the contrary, questioning Caldean’s authority. Haruhi agrees with Shadow on this. Caldean questions their uncaring rulers and greed for silver. Shadow threatens Caldean with violence. As they argue, the woman takes the girl to safety

A Wyld Hunt enters the village in search of an Anathema. The woman takes off her disguise, revealing she was a man wanted for being Anathema. Luckily, the Dragon-Blooded still think his previous disguise is the Anathema. Sensing danger approaching, Haerold moves closer to a town’s guard. Caldean apologises to Shadow upon realising this land isn’t under the Realm’s rule.

The Dragon-Blood notices a flicker of gold from underneath Shadow’s clothes and orders her soldiers to attack. Haerold takes a guards sword and steps in front of Shadow and Caldean. He meets the Dragon-Blood’s blade with the one he took. Haerold fights the Fire Dragon-Blood which is soon joined by her soldiers. His anima bursts out into the visage of a timber wolf. Quillon takes his serpent sting staff and joins Haerold against the Wyld Hunt. Meanwhile, Caldean and Shadow fight an Air Dragon-Blood backed up by mortal monks. Caldean, whose skin is too hard to pierce with mere metal, kills one and severely wounds the rest. The Fire Aspect isn’t doing any better against the two Solars. In the midst of battle Haruhi shouts for everyone to run. The crowd hides in their homes, away from the fray. The fight ends with the Wyld Hunt retreating into safety.



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