Day Caste Assasin


Taia prefers not to be seen or recognized at all so naturally she dresses in cloth that seeks to blend in rather than stand out. She always dresses for the occasion. Whether she needs to beggar or a noble she always makes sure that she has the right clothes for any event. Still her preferred outfit is that of the assassin, loose black pants, a grey shirt and long black jacket. A special piece of clothing she always carries is a custom-made vest she has sown herself. It has 28 different pockets and special holsters to carry knives and other items useful when conducting missions of subterfuge. In addition to this she has always masks her mouth and nose with a black piece of cloth with a skull on the front. In addition she always carries something else to hide her face, be it a hood, hat or a scarf. Either way she makes sure cover her face and head. She also uses finger gloves. The only thing that can be said for sure about her appearance is the colour of her skin and colour of her eyes. The former is white while the latter are green.


The Origin of Deathknight number 7 aka Taia aka Bleak Winter aka Shadow that Hides between the Streams.

Affiliation: Rogue, formerly of the retinue belonging to Mask of Winters, currently serving as an assassin for Urgartia

Age: 20?

Caste: Day

Threat Level: Middle?

Deathknight number 7 is one of the many belonging to the Mask of Winters, and indeed she might just be a spy planted by the Deathlord in order to keep up with the Solar Kingdom dangerously close Thorns.

Her manner and accent places her to be of Thornese decent, more specifically of the upper noble class. Her white her and green eyes suggest a link to one of the more powerful noble families of Thorns known as House Kiragar. Records state that this family has a long history of skullduggery and backstabbing. They cultivated a rough culture of martial excellence, were failure was punished harshly. Had she been raised in such a culture then this would make Deathknight 7 doubly dangerous, since she has been raised in a brutal environment, and from a young age been thoroughly desensitized to violence. She would not bat an eye at killing anyone, regardless of age or gender.

With the fall of Thorns came the end of House Kiraga in its current form, as many members of the family relished fighting against the forces of the Deathlord. It was not long before the person Deathknight number 7 was rounded up and brought before Mask of Winters. What happened between them is unknown but the girl disappeared and this Deathknight appeared.

Records of Number 7s actions while in the service of her master are difficult to verify, but she has trained with the Thornguard, and carried out a number of assassinations on the behalf of her master. One event however has been divined: the event that drove her to leave Mask of Winters.

Number 7 was tasked with a mission of importance. A Lunar was pulling together bands of barbarians to challenge the might of Thorns. The Deathlord sent his assassin slay the rabble-rouser. She rose to the task and went to meet this Lunar Warlord. She did not kill him. It seems that the Lunar told Number 7 of her previous incarnation, and revealed that they were mates, even beyond the corruption of the Neverborn.

The bond was more than Number 7 could bear and she fled. She fled her mate and her master and ran right into the hands of another powerful figure, Five Days Darkness. Considering his hatred of those bearing the Black Exaltation, it is strange that the god took number 7 under his wing as his apprentice. This denied us accurate divination of her location and she has just recently been rediscovered following her alliance with Urgartia. The Chosen of Battles, Bloody Moon, reports that she indeed seems to be in the retinue of a Necromancer from Sijan. Investigation follows.


Solars: The so-called Saviors of Creation, and yet…there is something off about them. Of course Mask of Winters told me that they were weak.

Abyssals: Brothers and Sister in Oblivion…and yet now we are enemies. Oh well. Today’s enemy might be tomorrow’s friend. It would be funny if I could some of the guys to help me kill their master. Or I would just kill them myself.

Lunars: They are mated to Solars and Abyssals. And the one I met seemed to know me…I am bored, let’s talk about something else.

Sidereals: The old guy told me that they were the greatest martial artists of Creation. We will see about that.

Dragon-Bloods: Tougher than they look, must be cautious. Still I would like to see what an Immaculate Monk could do.

Fair Folk: Oh? The Wyld-born? They don’t like necromantic energy one bit.


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