The Hundred Kingdoms

The Hundred Kingdoms is an area to the North-East of the Scavenger Lands composed of fertile soil. It is named so for the hundred or so city-states that exist in the area in various alliances; smaller cities are often subject to larger ones, especially those with commercial or military strength. Thus the various city-states form larger kingdoms encompassing areas with The Hundred Kingdoms region, forming political alliances and enmities as time goes on. The individual level of an city’s autonomy is varied between the city-states, as it their culture and location.

The Hundred Kingdoms are filled with long forgotten Manses, many of which have been scavenged for artifacts and other valuables. Scholars speculate that the Manses might have been part of a system responsible for the unnaturally high degree of the area’s soil’s fertility.

In the Second Age The Hundred Kingdoms provide food in form of crops to most of the Scavenger Land. Many Kingdoms gain their wealth from exporting rice to major trade centres, such as Nexus, through the Yellow River. As in the whole region of the Scavenger Lands, the Hundred Kingdoms area is filled with rivers of various sizes forming a network perfect for quick travel between cities and an opportunity for pirates. Guard towers are build next to major trade routes, depending on the current agreements between kingdoms, they may require a toll to allow a ship to pass safely through the guarded area.

Some of the more prominent Kingdoms include:
The Kingdom of Ugartia
The Kingdom of Chezavic
New Queen’s County
Yellow Province
Earldom of Unrelenting Flow
Land of Trees

The Hundred Kingdoms

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