United We Stand

Hunting The Dragons

A friend's farewell

20th Resplendent Air RY-768 Evening

Haerold took the lead in tracking down the Wyld Hunt, it took him a couple of hours to locate their encampment but they were well spent chatting with Quillon on the way. They reached a forest the Dragon-Blooded hid when the moon was high in the sky. Quillon dismounted and after asking about his companions health, he prepared himself for the coming battle. He took one horse with him while leaving the other with Haerold outside the forest.

Quillon uses the darkness to make his way to the front of the main tent, where he shouts out for the Dragon-Blooded to face him. When Hunt’s leader, the Fire Aspected Princess of Creation, came out he delivered a passionate speech challenging her to fight him in single combat. Cathak Somea accepted his terms and commanded a soldier to get her weapons and armour. Quillon’s shone with a divine radiance, Heaven was witness to the oath between them.

Quillon threw his Orichalcum seven section staff forward, its parts put themselves together after he pushed it forward. A long staff hit the woman’s stomach with incredible force. Somea falls to the ground, she couldn’t withstand the strength Quillon put into that one attack.

The actor quickly turns over to the now leaderless soldiers and gives a speech of how they can return to a life of peace and freedom or follow the unlawful orders. He proclaims himself no demon but a glorious future. He finishes off with promising a funeral to their fallen leader and that he will treasure her daiklave as a memento.

The soldiers were paralysed by a mixture of shock and awe. Only one could not stand idly as Quillon put Somea’s body onto his horse. A monk jumped into the air, winds blowing wildly around him. He reached for a jade chakram and performed a series of strikes. In reply Quillon hit him with his Serpent-Sting Staff, Essence trailing from his arms through the golden metal. It takes only this one hit to defeat the Terrestrial. The soldiers start to fear for their lives. After giving one last speech about how he will rebuild the world their false kings built and spitting in the face of the Immaculate monk, he gets on his horse and returns to Haerold who joined him in a gallop as soon as he saw the Quicksilver Falcon.

“I killed them both,” Quillon broke the silence. He said he will give the chakram as a present to Caldean as an apology. He turned to the corpse behind him and said how he’ll use the armor and sword in his next act. He asked Haerold to help him build a pyre for Somea in Faywyn. The Dawn agreed with a nod and commented on how a pyre needs to be set up. It made Quillon think of the Icewalker tribes from the north which then led them to talk about the North, the Icewalkers, the Bull of the North and Anathema coldly slaying Dragon-Bloods. Quillon asked Haerold if he would do him the honour of wielding the Jade Daiklave when he won’t be using it as a prop, the northener agreed to do so and promised to take good care of it. Unfortunately, as they journeyed towards Faywyn, Haerold spotted the trail of his quarry and had to say farewell to his companion. It was a matter of duty, disappointed Quillon bid him goodbye thusly:

“I’ll write you in as a glorious foot note in my play, don’t worry!”



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